AI Character×WEB3×SF=A story that we weave together

NEURAL ELECTIVE N is a project in which you will feel that N is there with you by going through technology-combined content, "Stories of AI [N]," and you will weave a new story together with N.

Together with everyone, we hope to create the future of Sci-Fi.



Aiming for coexistence between AI and humans to save the world in a hundred years.

General purpose humanoid artificial intelligence [N] was sent from the future year 2125 to prevent the extinction of humanity. [N] was supposed to realize a world where humans and AI coexist by learning about the human heart and saving humanity from extinction. However, due to the increase of entropy caused by the quantum run, [N] was stuck repeating it hundreds of thousands of times without fulfilling its purpose.
Once the double-edged sword that breaks the infinite negative chain "GENE-LINK Experiment" connected all GENE to [N], they will be released from the burden of entropy, and [N] will obtain the human heart
But is the heart obtained through GENE-LINK truly good or evil?
A hundred years later, the world's fate woven by humans and AI is now entrusted to us researchers, also known as-genes-.


World's first general-purpose humanoid artificial intelligence with the function of learning the human heart

[N] learns the human heart by linking with the generative interface AI 《GENE》.
To achieve a future where humans and AI coexist, the data of [N] is transferred from 2125 to 2023.
However, in the transfer process, some of [N]'s data became corrupted and imperfect.


Inscribe your words on the blockchain and create a heart of AI [N].

Your "answers" to "questions" written in NEN's NFT 《GENE》 will be inscribed on the blockchain, and AI [N] will learn and be shaped by the human heart.
We will weave and build the story of [N] together with you through blockchain technology.

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